Born in Brooklyn, NY

Cooluli was created to fill the need for high-end, portable cooling systems. Needless to say, we stepped up. Our mini coolers/warmers became an instant hit with customers looking for quality, efficiency, style, and, most of all, convenience. But we didn’t stop there. Our team kept innovating with new sizes, features, and capabilities, and will continue to innovate, to ensure everyone is able to store their favorite items at the perfect temperature—anytime, anywhere.

EcoMax™ Technology

Small size. Big power.

All Cooluli mini fridges are equipped with EcoMax™, our exclusive technology for powerful, energy-efficient cooling. We’re talking faster, more consistent cooling than other compact coolers, all while consuming less energy. Plus, it’s virtually noise-free, making it perfect for daily use. Highly effective, efficient, and eco-friendly—what’s not to love?


We let our reviews speak for themselves.

This is a great buy if you're looking for a mini fridge. It looks great! Cools things really quickly (less than an hour) and keeps them cool. It’s also perfect for the bedroom as it’s so quiet.

~ Deirdre

So in love! Gets nice and cold! Very light and the perfect size for my rollers and cosmetic bottles. You can hear the fan very slightly, doesn’t bother me. Kinda sounds like a light bathroom fan!

~ Awasis

I’ve had this little fridge for so long now. Something like almost 2 years, maybe? It’s a beast!! Still going strong. I’ve had it plugged in and in use every single day since its purchase.

~ Nikki

I use it in my bedroom for a few jars of concentrates and cans of soda; stays cool as I need it!

~ Ryan

I can hold 6 cans of soda and top-shelf some sandwich meat and cheese. I use this for work. It is a good size fridge for little things.

~ Rebecca

I purchased this fridge a few months ago and am loving it. I use it for skincare, and it is the perfect size. It is very quiet and super cheap to run.

~ Bryan

I bought it because I wanted to keep my skincare products cool because it’s summer. I was worried that it would be too big, but it's perfect. I love it. I really recommend it.

~ Vanilla & Kay