About Us

Portable Thermoelectric Heater and Cooler Systems

Cooluli emerged in Brooklyn, NY in 2016 when after an extensive search, the founders stumbled upon the answer to what they saw as a technological void in the Thermoelectric industry.

Cooluli’s Thermoelectric Cooler/Warmers are the answer to the market’s growing need for portable, high-end mini cooling systems. From the day we opened our doors, customers have been swarming in our direction, bringing rave reviews of the quality, efficiency, and convenience of our products. This is because we only manufacture using top quality materials to ensure that the quality of our products is second to none. If a problem arises, keeping our customers happy is our top priority.  For these reasons, we strive to be as responsive as possible to all questions, comments, and concerns—whether they come via our website, social media or any other platforms.

As a growing business, we take a hands-on approach to communicating with our customers, enabling us to build our brand’s reputation, reach new markets and improve quality. At Cooluli, it is our mission to strive to be a manufacturer that leads the way when it comes to going green! This is why all of our products are environmentally-friendly, from the first step in the production line to your doorstep.